‘Fall Asleep Fest’ Headliners Announced

Festival season is reaching a fever pitch. Between North American super festivals like Coachella, Bonnaroo and Sasquatch, and the Calgary favourites like Sled Island and Folk Fest, social media is popping with artist announcements and other festival related buzz. Who’s going where? What big name band is reuniting? What to wear?

Inspired by Boonstock, the Dubstep/NuMetal festival north of Edmonton, a new group of musical entrepreneurs has pooled their resources to throw a festival with world class artists.

“We noticed that Boonstock had booked artists known for being really loud. Bands like Korn are known for their heavy guitars and screaming vocals, while DJs like Knife Party and Kill the Noise are known for their hatred of dancing and the way they make computers make scream-like sounds” said Steven Glass, co-founder of the festival. While Boonstock heads north of Edmonton, FAF will be heading south of Calgary to the community of Stavely. While the mayor of Stavely was unable to comment due to his lack of telephone, computer or teeth, a spokesperson from the community said that they were very happy to work with the festival’s organizers.

Hand curated by Glass and his business partner John Sealy, the festival has some big names in indie rock, which is exactly what Sealy and Glass were going for.

“We wanted music that wasn’t too in your face. Soft beards, flannel, harmonies, we want to hear music that will really put people at ease. We aren’t looking for a Woodstock situation.” said Sealy, mentioning the ruckus and rioting that occured at all 3 Woodstocks. His vision is for a music festival where people can lay in the grass, and have a singer-songwriter serenade them, without having to worry about mosh pits, bass drops or electric instruments. Mr. Sealy was hesitant to comment about the intentions of his festival, it’s no secret that John Sealy has ties to the mattress manufacturer. More than one music journalist has asked if this festival isn’t another in a long line of attempts by large corporations to exploit impressionable youth. Sealy did note that corporate sponsorship will be present but won’t interfere with the music.


  • Portugal, The Man
  • Beirut
  • Bon Iver
  • Mumford and Sons
  • Fleet Foxes
  • Jack Johnson

In addition to these big names in soft-rock, Sealy and Glass have been hinting at special guests to be announced closer to the event, which is scheduled for late September. Early rumours have Dallas Green playing John Cage’s famous 4′33″ as many times as his ego will allow, and a revolutionary performance by Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young who are reforming for one night in hopes they will finally figure out what Twitter is.



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  • JS Says:

    My friend who does some promo for the FAF guys said they were talking to Death Cab! You didn’t hear it from me! Hopefully they come, I won’t even need to bring a pillow to catch some Zs then.

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